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Lucy Rawle Art
Lucy Rawle Art

Flower Dishes

by Lucy

These dishes are such a joy to make! I love the process and the anticipation of how they will turn out – a different result every time. Inks in epoxy resin create these eye-catching explosions of colour.

They can be used to store your bits and bobs or left empty as a decorative piece. They will add a pop of colour to any room, and make for a very unique gift!

The flower dishes measure approximately 15cm in diameter. They’re £18.50 each with free delivery.

If you’re interested in a flower dish, please take a look at the available dishes below and email me at Let me know the number of the flower dish you’re interested in, the name and address you would like it posted to, and I will give you details on how to pay (through PayPal or Bank Transfer).

More to come…

*Please note that exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time can cause the colours in the flower dish to fade.